Killing more than just weeds

The truth about how the herbicide glyphosate created a public health emergency.

What is Glyphosate?
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Glyphosate Use Map
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What is glyphosate?

The profuse use of glyphosate on our crops and environment is a public health emergency. If you do not know the details of the herbicide glyphosate, please pay attention – you are eating, drinking and touching it all day, everyday.

Mapping the Use of Glyphosate

Roundup Ready GMOs were introduced in 1996, launching a dramatic rise in glyphosate use. Check out the USGS mapped data of glyphosate use over time by learning more below.


Quick Facts

Glyphosate is found in our soil, water, air, rain, food, personal products, and bodies.

Glyphosate is a mineral chelator, meaning it binds to key minerals in the soil where our crops are grown. As a result, our crops now lack the minerals that our bodies biologically depend upon for health.

Glyphosate is predominantly used as a weedkiller in combination with “Roundup Ready” GMOs, which are crops genetically modified to be resistant to the herbicidal effects of glyphosate.

The agricultural chemical industry holds a great deal of influence globally with politicians, regulators, and academics.

Over 80% of dietary exposure to glyphosate is due to farmers spraying glyphosate on a crop just prior to harvest to kill it, dry it, and thus make the harvest process easier. For decades, pre-harvest spraying has been routine on crops including grains, sugar beets, and peas.

Independent, peer-reviewed research shows that glyphosate can cause cancer, endocrine disruption, infertility, preterm birth, sperm count declines, microbiome disruption, kidney disease, liver disease and neurological disorders.

Glyphosate is present in many common foods, including Cheerios, Goldfish Crackers, granola, orange juice, Impossible Burger, hummus, and meat from animals who fed on GMO corn and soy.

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