The Chemical Glyphosate

Glyphosate was launched in the 1970s for use as a weedkiller in the formulated herbicide product Roundup. It is now so pervasive in our environment that it can be found in our bodies, soil, air, rain, and food.

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The Invisible Toll

Monsanto (now owned by pharmaceutical giant Bayer) and the EPA claim that there is no measurable impact to human or animal health from glyphosate. However, research has shown that to be untrue, and the toll that our bodies, environment, and tax dollars pay from the continued use of this invisible chemical are substantial.

Glyphosate Information

History of Glyphosate

Glyphosate was originally used as a metal pipe cleaner. And that’s just the beginning of the distressing fifty-year glyphosate story.

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Modes of Exposure

Most of us are exposed to glyphosate through diet, water, air, personal products and/or dermal contact.

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Nutrient Density & Food Toxicity

Farming with glyphosate damages the quality of the soil and the crops upon which it is used. Glyphosate has made our diet, even if comprised of fresh fruits and veggies, much less nutritious.

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Healthcare Spending

US Government spending on healthcare rises annually. Glyphosate, and other food toxins, have a significant role in driving up the overall price tag of medical expense. The link between pesticide exposure and chronic disease is well documented, and contributes to the $4.1 Trillion in healthcare spending annually in the United States.


Glyphosate negatively impacts many key body systems: endocrine, nervous, immune, renal, digestive, cardiovascular, skeletal and reproductive. It also kills good bacteria in the microbiome.

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Glyphosate devastates our soil, forests, pollinators and water ecosystems, yet is still used in large quantities as a key tool for weed management.

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Animal Health

The explosion in chronic disease isn’t limited to humans - dogs and cats have seen a huge rise in cancer over the last few decades as well. And Roundup is absorbed through the paws.