The term "revolving door" refers to the movement of high-level employees from public-sector jobs to private-sector jobs and vice versa. The idea is that there is a revolving door between the two sectors as many legislators and regulators become lobbyists and consultants for the industries they once regulated and some private industry heads or lobbyists receive government appointments that relate to their former private posts.

The revolving door is alive and well in the agricultural chemical sector, as government officials spend time in both industry and government regulation/legislation. The conflict of interest is staggering.

Historically, many government employees have spent time working for Monsanto in their careers, as shown below.



Monsanto Legal Team

Monsanto Legal Team

Executive VP & Chief Technology Officer

Director of International Govt Affairs

Director of ESH Quality and Compliance

VP of Product and Technology Cooperation

Monsanto Board Member

Monsanto Board Member

Monsanto CEO (14 years)

Top Monsanto Scientist

Monsanto Board Member, Animal Specialist

Monsanto Board Member

VP of CropLife America

Monsanto Attorney

Monsanto Attorney

Monsanto Attorney

Monsanto Legal Counsel

SVP for Public Policy

Chief Counsel

Monsanto Consultant

Monsanto Legal Counsel

Director, International Govt Affairs

VP, Govt & Public Affairs

Manager, New Technologies

Rose Law Firm, Monsanto Counsel

Head of Global Public Affairs Crop Science

Sr. VP, Government Affairs

Director, Federal Government Affairs





Director, Federal Regulatory Affairs

Seed Regulatory Compliance Lead


Toxicology Manager

Director, Government Affairs

Director, Federal Government Affairs



William Conlon

Sam Skinner

Robert Fraley

Marcia Hale

John Henshaw

Rob Horsch

Mickey Kantor

Gwendolyn King

Richard Mahoney

Margaret Miller

George Poste

William Ruckelshaus

Islam Siddiqui

Michael Taylor

Clarence Thomas

Jack Watson

Seth Waxman

Virginia Weldon

Rufus Yerxa

Toby Moffett

Dennis DeConcini

Josh King

Linda Fisher

Lidia Watrud

Hillary Clinton

Melissa Agustin

Donald Bandler

Grant Erdel

Kasey Gillette

Michael Holland

Jen Daulby Kaleta

Scott Kuschmider

Tom Marvin

Tessa Milofsky-McLure

Stephanie Murphy

James Sherman

Tara Smith

Linda Strachan

Jeremy Stump


Department of Justice

Department of Justice

Advisor to USDA, among other agencies

Assistant to Clinton & Dir of Govt Affairs

Senior Advisor to US Secretary of Labor

Advisor to the National Science Foundation

US Secretary of Commerce

Commissioner of SSA 1989-1992

US Trade Policy Committee & Councils

Deputy Director of the FDA

Office of Secretary of Defense

EPA Chief/Acting Director of FBI/Deputy Attorney General

Chief Ag Negotiator of Office of Trade Representative

Senior Advisor to FDA

US Supreme Court Justice

Chief of Staff to President Carter

US Solicitor General

FDA'S Metabolism & Endocrine Advisory Committee

US Deputy to the WTO

US Congressman

US Senator

White House Communications

Deputy Administrator EPA (Clinton & Bush)


US Senator, Secretary of State

Director of Agricultural Affairs, USDA

Ambassador to Cyprus

Senior Policy Advisor to Charlie Bass

Policy Advisor for Agriculture, Harry Reid

Legislative Director

Chief of Staff, Rodney Davis

House Agriculture Committee Staff

Attorney/Advisor EPA

EPA Agronomist

Office of US Trade - Director Agricultural Affairs

EPA Toxicologist

Senate Ag, Nutrition, Forestry Committee Staff


USDA Deputy Chief of Staff

* Updated from original list reported by Ethan Huff in 2016