February 24, 2021

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Our refrigerator gave out on us this week. The Covid year of four permanent residents in the home, opening and closing the refrigerator door with hopes that something unusually tasty will appear, finally wore down the compressor. It turns out that many brands of  refrigerators – and appliances of all kinds – are backordered for months. Apparently, we aren’t the only ones grinding down our kitchens with overuse. I am thankful that the dishwasher is still running. 

Because of the lack of refrigeration, I’ve been spending more time buying fruits and veggies that don’t require chilled storage. At the grocery store today, I was struck with the word “conventional” next to some very large avocados.  

Isn’t it odd that non-organic produce is called “conventional”? 

The word conventional is defined as “based on or in accordance with what is generally done or believed.”  In this case, and in this country, what is generally done and believed is that spraying crops with pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, and hormones is the ideal. Producing food without them is completely unconventional.

I wonder what it will take to flip the adjective, so that “conventional” connotes clean and beneficial to our health. 

It is challenging to listen to the government debate healthcare costs. Total healthcare cost in the United States is $3.8 Trillion/year, or 17.8% of GDP. Of that, the CDC estimates 90% of the cost is attributable to chronic disease and mental health.

While I know cleaning our food and repairing our gut linings and microbiome naturally will pull profits from those who work in big pharma, just think of all we could achieve if we didn’t feel as depressed, exhausted, foggy-headed, medicated and achy. What if less people needed to plan for where the bathrooms are in case they needed to make an urgent pitstop? Avoiding bathroom embarrassment alone should make the change worth it.


When the news of the Roundup Class Action proposed settlement progress landed in my inbox a few weeks ago, I jumped over to the Bayer investor page and scrolled through their recent press releases to read what spin is coming out of their German offices. Yes, there was indeed news on the lawsuit. But I saw something that hit even more close to home. 

Bayer’s impact investment arm “Leaps by Bayer” is the lead investor in a Series B funding of the biotech company Ukko. “Ukko harnesses artificial intelligence and protein engineering to develop healthier food and therapies for food allergies.” Ukko will be performing trials for a therapeutic for peanut allergies. Most stunningly, they will also use an AI platform that uses patient samples, computational biology, immunology, and protein engineering to create a new gluten that people with sensitivity or celiac disease can tolerate. 

“Ukko’s investigative approaches to solving allergies and food sensitivities both from the food side and the patient therapeutics side have the possibility of delivering enormous benefits for humanity,” said Juergen Eckhardt, MD, Head of Leaps by Bayer, which was built to drive fundamental breakthroughs in the fields of health and agriculture through new technologies. “One of the big challenges we’re addressing through our Leaps investments is attempting to reverse autoimmune diseases, which have enormous impacts on our health systems in every community around the globe. We are proud to lead this investment in Ukko and help solve the biggest allergies and food sensitivities. It is a great fit to our global leadership role in both health and nutrition.”

Bayer Press Release


Please refer back to my article that covers intestinal permeability as the root of chronic disease. And keep in mind, Monsanto toxicologist and “Defender of Glyphosate” Donna Farmer herself admits that there has never been a long term carcinogenicity study because the animals all die before they can gauge the carcinogenicity. How do they die? By way of decimating their delicate intestinal lining. 

The leaders of Ukko are likely well intentioned, and certainly patients with severe allergies desperately seek and need treatment. But I’d like to know if the Ukko CEO knows WHY HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people suffer from food allergies? How many victims of food allergies could possibly know the extent to which it is the harmful sprays and genetic modification of the food itself that has caused the inflammatory response, food sensitivities and allergy epidemic? 

I’ve written before about Bayer’s product cycle – in purchasing Monsanto, the company is in a unique position to both cause and cure illness, and make a profit on both ends. For example, Bayer sells the product Roundup which causes non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and they sell a drug that treats non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. 

Similarly, Bayer’s Roundup destroys our microbiome and gut lining, causing the explosion of chronic disease and food sensitivities. Bayer now invested in Ukko, a company that is going to biologically adjust the gluten so that people aren’t so sensitive.  Bayer must be delighted – this continued genetic modification of food to make the gluten less inflammatory will buy them more time to continue spraying Roundup all over our grains. And if Ukko is successful in creating a gluten-lite product, they will make money on that as well. 

Most frustratingly, Bayer will now be able to point to their efforts in proactively addressing food allergies, sensitivities, and autoimmune disease by inventing therapies and new food products that people can more easily digest. There is no money for Bayer to be made in simply teaching people to heal their guts and eat organically. But their PR spin will be impressive and continue to promote distracting misinformation. 

I’ve learned that it’s tough for grassroots bloggers to attract enough attention to rival that powerful corporate PR spin. But man, this blatant muddying of the waters of truth, and outright hypocrisy, is tough for me to stomach.


Next week we will have a settlement update and hopefully some fun Chhabria antics! 

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Kelly Ryerson

I’m writing on behalf of all those who are chronically sick, fatigued, depressed, anxious, cancer-ridden, hormonally off, coping with allergies, suffering with pain, digestively wrecked, and accidentally dependent on multiple medications. We deserve to know the truth about how Monsanto's herbicide Roundup has made us a devastatingly sick population.