Pre-Trial Day 6 – Call Me Maybe

June 27, 2018

Highway 101 is strangely manageable this morning – maybe a good omen. As I commute into San Francisco for another day of court, I continue to think about just how challenging it is to find jurors who haven’t heard about Monsanto. Monsanto’s team doesn’t want anyone on the jury who has come in with preconceived…

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Pre-Trial Day 4 – Pulling The Weeds

June 26, 2018

The morning begins – a few new faces are in the crowd.  Attorneys look more tired than last week. I imagine that poring over the jury questionnaires all weekend took its toll. Monsanto comes out of the gates, wanting thirty-five potential jurors kicked out because they have heard negative things about Monsanto. Judge Bolanos asks…

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Pre-Trial Day 3 – Let the Games Begin

June 22, 2018

Morning Session 9:30 start!  We are convening in an enormous courtroom.  Security officers are gathered outside and inside of the doors of the courtroom.  The single camera is setup on the right side of the courtroom, primed for the permitted filming of mini-arguments delivered by both sides. Judge Bolanos makes a lovely speech about the…

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Pre-Trial Day 2 – Going Through the Motions

June 21, 2018

We are back in a freshly spiffed up courtroom – a large screen is angled towards the jury chairs.  Jury selection is not happening today, due to the large number of motions to exclude evidence that need to be resolved prior to the mini-presentations that the lead attorneys will make to the jury panel during…

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Pre-Trial Day 1 – We Are All Gathered Here Today

June 18, 2018

Case Number: CGC16550128 Title: DEWAYNE JOHNSON VS. MONSANTO COMPANY ET AL Cause of Action: PRODUCTS LIABILITY Today is the day – entering the courthouse, I feel enthused by the prospect of this case heightening awareness of the potentially toxic effect of pesticides on our bodies. Thank you, Dewayne Johnson, for having the courage to take up this fight…

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