Bayer settlement in trouble roundup

The Old One Two Punch

May 28, 2021

The Latest From AOJ So, full disclosure, I have received money now and then from class action settlements. You know the kind—you get a postcard or email that asks if you owned an iPhone in the 21st century, or bought health insurance from any of an array of ripoff artists, I mean corporations. Alas, the…

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Is there a warning label on roundup cancer


May 20, 2021

I began Glyphosate Girl nearly three years ago, in June 2018. I walked into a relatively quiet courtroom with an iced tea and sat in near disbelief as Winning Wisner and Delightful Dickens laid out a case divulging Monsanto’s abhorrent corporate behavior. Three jury verdict victories later, momentum stoked the flames in the bellies of…

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Monsanto Litigation Settlement Cancer Glyphosate

The Abomination Zone

April 24, 2021

BY ROBERT HOWARD, AKA AOJ, AKA JOHNSON JUROR #4 Let’s just call Roundup what it is: a disaster that has been foisted upon humanity by the likes of Monsanto and Bayer. It is an environmental and humanitarian disaster which so many dedicated and right-minded people have worked for decades to mitigate. A person might think…well,…

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Glyphosate hurts Endangered Species EPA Evaluation

Tell The EPA

March 10, 2021

Please remember that comments on the EPA’s Draft Biological Evaluation on Glyphosate are due to the EPA this FRIDAY MARCH 12th. We need everyone to submit some words to encourage the EPA to do the right thing and phase out Roundup. The background on the Evaluation can be found in my previous post: My submission…

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Bayer Economics Roundup Autoimmunity Monsanto

Create & Cure (& Profit From Both)

February 24, 2021

Our refrigerator gave out on us this week. The Covid year of four permanent residents in the home, opening and closing the refrigerator door with hopes that something unusually tasty will appear, finally wore down the compressor. It turns out that many brands of  refrigerators – and appliances of all kinds – are backordered for…

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Monsanto Settlement juror roundup glyphosate


February 8, 2021

By Robert Howard, AKA AOJ, AKA Johnson Juror #4 I’m sort of a morning person—it’s my favorite time of day—but I don’t just spring out of bed ready to take on the world, or remodel someone’s kitchen, as the case may be. The process of waking up is, for me,  pretty much the same every…

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glyphosate cotton clothes gmos Roundup

Glyphosate & My COVID Clothes

January 27, 2021

I’m so incredibly tired of my sad loungewear collection that I’ve worn every day for the last year. Most of it is tie-dyed, a trend that for some reason has experienced a massive explosion in popularity over the last year. My increasingly embarassed-by-mom tween daughter asked me not to wear them anymore – and added…

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Johnson Monsanto settlement Bayer Roundup

Like Kissing Your Sister

December 31, 2020

For new followers of Glyphosate Girl, I would like to reintroduce Robert Howard (AKA AOJ), who served as Juror #4 in the landmark Johnson v Monsanto bellwether trial in 2018. I am fortunate that he continues to be a frequent contributor to this blog. Today, he updates us on the status of Lee Johnson’s settlement,…

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EPA Glyphosate Biological Evaluation

wake the bear

December 3, 2020

Last Wednesday, we thankful citizens of the United States purelled our hands, grabbed our shields, and wandered the aisles of the grocery store. Well, those are the protective measures many took in California. California is the same state in which both the governor and San Francisco Mayor frequently lecture residents about the hazards of get-togethers,…

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November 17, 2020

If you are like me, you’ve been hanging out a lot in your own mind since last March, and potentially have had some cerebral DIY projects to undertake. There’s nothing like a good-ole deep dive into your life’s purpose during a paralyzing pandemic lockdown.  Of course, an alternative option would be to finally repaint the…

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Bayer Bankruptcy Werner Baumann Roundup

The Sinking Ship

October 8, 2020

I enjoyed a Zoom cocktail hour last weekend with some amiable new acquaintances.  We started with some well-meaning Zoom icebreakers – the boredom with which so many of us must feel at this 7-month anniversary of shelter-in-place. After delivering the shortest version of the Roundup/GMO/cancer trial story in my repertoire, it was suggested to me…

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Is There A Securities Law Attorney In The House?

August 28, 2020

My daughter ran downstairs with blood on her lip and one of her last baby teeth in hand. She enthusiastically suggested ideas of what the tooth fairy should consider giving her as a grand lifetime finale of fairy gifting. Apparently, the least the fairy could do is gift a red Ford F150 pickup truck that…

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